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Benefits of Clover Sprouts

There are many health benefits of clover sprouts. Here are our top 6 reasons why you should be eating them daily as part of a healthy diet.

1. A rich source of protein (26%), and contain vitamins A, B, C, E and K and minerals calcium, magnesium, postassium, iron, phosphorus and zinc.

3. Women’s health – Red clover contains plant estrogens, similar to human hormone estrogen. This can help with symptoms of PMS, menopause, hot flushes and fibrocystic disease.

3. Abundant anti-oxidant levels – these significantly increase your energy levels, and provide anti-aging benefits for the skin.

4. Detoxifying – acts as a blood purifier that can correct deficiencies in the circulatory system over time.

5. Cancer fighting – high in phytochemicals, particularly genistein, which has been found to prevent the formation of new blood vessels in cancer tumours, impeding further growth.

6. Clover sprouts are the main dietary source of isoflavones, above any other superfood. Studies have shown that isoflavones can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.


We provide regular healthy juicing recipes on our website and Facebook.  We would love you to share your clover sprout recipes with us and our fans