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Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

There are many health benefits of fenugreek. Here are our top 9 reasons why you should be eating them daily as part of a healthy diet.

1. Spice up your salad or stir-fry – regarded as a sister herb to garlic, Fenugreek sprouts and leaves are now a popular and healthy source of flavour. Fenugreek seeds are traditionally used in the spicy Indian curry.

2. High in protein, low in carbs – easily digested proteins are created during the enzymatic reactions of the sprouting process.

3. Manage Diabetes – Recent studies show that sprouted Fenugreek lowers fasting glucose levels. Diabetics should not take fenugreek without consulting their doctor, as it may cause unsafe lowering effect on blood sugars when used in combination with certain diabetic medications.

4. Cholesterol – Fenugreek is a rich source of steroidal saponins. This helps reduce total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol) without effecting HDL (good cholesterol) levels.

5. Fenugreek sprouts can provide relief to cold and flu symptoms, loosening mucous and relieving congestion.

6. Can create a protective coating over inflamed areas of the stomach, eg peptic ulcers.

7. Acts as a lymphatic cleanser – Can help to establish a strong immune system by relieving blocks in the lymphatic system and allowing it to operate to its full potential.

8. Alternative health practitioners recommend Fenugreek to help stimulate milk production in breastfeeding mothers. However, it is not recommended during pregnancy as it may induce pre-term labour.

9. May reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and breast tenderness.


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