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Benefits of Mung Beans

There are many health benefits of mung beans. Here are our top 6 reasons why you should be eating them daily as part of a healthy diet.


1. A great vegetarian source of protein. Mung beans contain approximately 3.16 g of protein per cup.

2. Help lower your cholesterol. Mung beans contain the fibres needed to remove excess cholesterol from the blood stream. Their fibre content also helps control blood sugar levels as it slows down the release of sugars from carbohydrates.

3. A rich source of fibre – mung beans improve bowel function and help to cleanse the intenstinal tract.

4. A clever choice of food to fill up on and help weight loss – mung beans are virtually fat free, low GI (glycemic index), low in calories and high in protein.

5. Contain Protease inhibitors. Research studies have shown protease inhibitors to block and prevent formation of tumor cells.

6. Mung beans contain anti-aging components for the skin. Phytoestrogens stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which are essential components of the skin’s structure.


We provide regular healthy juicing recipes on our website and Facebook.  We would love you to share your mung bean recipes with us and our fans