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I started running in August 2012 to try and raise money for my sons school. I was trying to improve my health due to battling illness for many years. My son has Autism and the school he attends have been a great support to us. I am 31 years of age and just last year (2012) finished 6 months of treatment for a serious illness. I am now a non-drinker and gave up smoking Dec 2012 as I did not want to go through a tough therapy again. I started exercising 2 months after treatment for a charity run for my sons school properly a bit early. I felt that my diet needed to change or at least improve. I had been trying to improve my diet for years and had always tried to get fit but never really got there. I was gradually improving my diet and always search for ways to fuel my lifestyle juggling a family, work and running.The following is how I found what I now consider my super fuels.

Back in November 2012 I went to the Dublin Food coop in search of the food called wheat grass after doing research about the serious health benefits on the internet. The guys at the copo explained what I needed, quiet to my surprise I couldn’t start taking it there and then. I was giving the contact details for John Price from Greenvalu who happened to live in the same town as me which could be seen as godsend! All my praying had paid off. I called John and basically was up and running by the weekend it was Thursday at the time. I will say that it was one of the best investments I have ever made. Actually it is the best investment I have ever made. I met John and he had everything I needed and I mean everything including good sloid advice. Things progressed really quickly which is normal for me. I moved from growing one tray to now 4 trays of wheatgrass growing at a time.

No my morning starts at 6:30 when I cut my wheatgrass and juice 2oz. I normally wait half an hour before coffee then I am ready for my organic muesli. I drink water throughout the day trying to consume up to 3 litres. For lunch I have wholemeal pita bread sometimes with whole meats such as cooked ham and always with a handfuls of spouts clover, broccoli, mung or whatever I have spouting at the time along with some tomatoes and beetroot.

On a training day I would have a spelt pasta or brown rice with chicken and pesto. Also to top it off a load of nuts such as almonds, brazils, hazelnuts, pistachios, dried mango and apricots. This gets me ready for training hard that day, I have the nuts and dried fruit every day and only have the pasta dish when training. Dinner always consists of a mountain of veg.This is where I give complements to my wife Michelle who in fact does a lot of the work. We tend to team up but I must say she takes up a lot of the work. About an hour after dinner I always have a pint of Green Juice from my Greenvalu masticating  juicer. This consists of celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, ginger, apple and kiwi. My children calls it the hulk juice.

I ran my first half Marmaton 13.1 miles on the 16th Feb 2013. I have only raced in 2 x 10k’s before this. I looked back over my logs and my 5k times was 32 minutes and now they are 22 minutes. The log also said 6 months ago my 10k time was 65 minutes my last race time at Christmas was 47minutes. I can safely say that the produce from green valu has been centre fold of my diet. After a short time juicing I seenserious positive results in my life not only the training. I feel fantastic and have much more energy for my family, work and training. I am both physically and mentally improving with every passing day that I stick to the program I do daily. I would encourage anyone to try juicing under the advice of Green Valu and lap up the rewards it brings such as good physical and mental health!!!!