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My name is Anthony Fagan. Since I started juicing and sprouting over a month ago, my training ability has just gone through the roof.
I work out in the gym and I practice Krav Maga and Muay Thai, both are forms of unarmed combat which are highly demanding – physically and mentally.
I have always enjoyed physical training and exercise, but I honestly believe juicing has brought me to the next level. I have never been in better shape than I am now.
Before I started drinking green juice, I had been training once a day. Now, I have so much energy that I am training twice a day. My recovery time is much quicker too.
In the mornings, I have a wheatgrass shot which gives me a great kickstart. I follow this with a green juice made with celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, ginger, and half a lime. I also add beetroot or Pok Choi, I try to keep it as low sugar as possible. I have a second juice in the evening.
I have always had what I would consider a healthy diet, but now I feel I have stepped that up a notch and my diet is totally clean. I still eat chicken or fish once a day.
I work in construction and as a night club door man. Whether I am working a late night shift, or on a building site, I make a green juice before I go to work and I take a sprout pitta bread with me to keep my energy levels high. This also prevents me from eating any junk food.
I had done a lot of research on juicer machines before I invested in my GreenValu juicer, and I have definitely made the right choice. I also buy all my organic food products from GreenValu and find Ciaran great to deal with.
For further info contact John or Ciaran at Greenvalu 0862572505 or 0872641707