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My name is Eva Byrne. I am a 35 year old mother of four from Portmarnock, Co Dublin. I am thrilled with my recent weightloss of 10lbs. I never thought losing weight could be enjoyable. The best part is that I am actually keeping the weight off for the first time ever.

Since I started juicing four months ago, my attitude to vegetables also changed completely. I used to eat very little veg, and I never imagined drinking my “5 a day” in a glass of juice. My diet and attitude to food has become healthy without even thinking too much about it.

I look forward to having my low sugar green juice every morning, using Cucumber, Celery, Green Apple, Ginger, Spinach and a little bit of lime. The kids love apple, carrot and celery. It is great to see them getting plenty of nutrition through raw fruit and veg, and they get really excited about making a juice. They love just watching the food grinding through the machine!

Being a busy full-time mother, it is great to have a juicer that is so easy to clean. I just give the parts a rinse under the tap, before heading out the door for the school run.

I have more motivation and energy with my new healthy eating habits. I still have my Chinese at the weekend, but I am eating little or no junk food during the week when I kick start my days with a green juice. When my friends call, they ask me to make them a juice instead of a tea or coffee!

I found Ciaran from GreenValu very helpful in getting me started and explaining how the GreenValu juicer works and spares the enzymes in the food. I am delighted to be juicing and feeling great. I would highly recommend it.