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Another fantastic GreenValu juicing success story from Martin Gilligan, aged 50…

Last December, I took part in the Clonakilty Half Marathon, I really struggled with the training and felt sluggish and worn out after it took me 2 hours 12 mins . I also put a half stone on over Christmas and made a conscious decision in January to try make a change to my eating habits. I was 13 stone on 14 January and I decided I had to nip this in the bud. So hearing about the benefits of Juicing I decided to give it a go and along with that I started growing my own sprouts and wheatgrass with expert guidance from John Price of Greenvalu. To my surprise this was very simple and easy to start.


The family thought I was going mad but after a week of making Juice for them every morning they started to see the benefits. Juicing fresh fruit and vegetables is an easy way to extract the vitamins and minerals and put them start into your digestive system. Your body absorbs this within 15 minutes of drinking your juice. So each morning now we have Juice from cucumber, celery, apple, orange, spinach and lemon; all juiced in Greenvalu’s masticating juicer which is a doodle to use and so easy to clean. I have Laura my wife on board and my daughters Ciara and Louise and Jack, my son won’t leave the house without their juice. I am growing my own wheatgrass and try to have a shot per day or sometimes mixed it with the juice.


I’ve also started sprouting my own super foods which include alfalfa, broccoli ,radish, and clover sprouts. I’m having to hide them from the family now because everyone loves them.

Health Improvements

My running, sleep, stamina, skin, weight and overall well being has improved immensely. I’ve lost a stone in 5 weeks, my recovery from training /Running is much better. I finished the Mount Juliet Half Marathon on 16th February in 2 hrs 4 mins – my best half marathon time in 5 years so needless to say I’m feeling the benefits and going to keep this up.
One thing about this simple lifestyle change – it’s easy once you make the decision to do it and also I go easy on myself if I have an off day and have a desert or something because I know I can get back on track straight.