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My name is Ken Noonan. I’m a typical 41 year old Irish father of three kids. In November 2012, I decided to change my lifestyle and get fit. My typical day before this usually started with an unhealthy breakfast, I didn’t mind what it was, once it was smothered in rashers.

Lunch was a quick stop, usually a drive through McDonalds or a Subway with as much meat as possible jammed into a roll. Dinner was the only healthy sit down meal that I had, prepared by my wife Pamela, once there was plenty of meat I was happy. I’m five foot eight inches in height and towards the end of last year when my weight hit fourteen and a half stone I said enough was enough.

Exercise to me was always put on the long finger. I could make up one hundred and one excuses not to exercise rather than get off the couch and get out for a walk. Weekdays were spent going to work and collapsing in front of the telly every night. I had absolutely no energy to do anything once I came home from work.   Training an U14s Football team, twice a week, became a struggle when I couldn’t keep up with the kids, constantly out of breath trying to explain to them what we were going to do next. This is when I got talking to John Price from Greenvalu and his advice literally changed my life.

My Juicing Journey

John explained the health benefits of juicing and sprouting to me and my wife Pamela. He also showed us how simple it was to start. I liked what I heard as it was generally common sense and I purchased a Greenvalu juicer and immediately started juicing my own drinks and growing my own super food sprouts at home in my kitchen and once I started taking these super foods I felt and instant effect.

Within the first week, I had lost half a stone with enough energy to get out every night for a brisk walk. After the first week I start jogging, something I haven’t done since my teens, every second night I would run 5km and on the weekend I would run 10km. My time for a 10Km run is now 57 minutes. Then I started taking a shot of wheatgrass before breakfast every morning. This is a miracle drink full of goodness and an absolute must for anyone that wants to increase their energy levels. To my amazement Pamela also started taking wheatgrass shots. Pamela is a good runner and feels it is helping her energy and stamina and she is feeling really good.

Now my typical daily food intake is like this, I start every morning by juicing a pint of green juice with my Greenvalu Juicer, followed by a shot of wheatgrass. The green juice consists of an apple, lemon, lime, celery, cucumber, spinach & ginger. This is followed by a bowl of organic muesli with rice milk and a mug of tea. This nutritious breakfast gives me everything I need and more to start my day with energy.

For lunch I now make my own wholegrain pitta breads with mango chutney, organic mustard, egg free mayo with chopped tomatoes, onion, cucumber and red pepper. I normally bring two to work with me and each pitta bread is bursting with a selection of super food sprouts including alfalfa and mungbean. I have a fillet of chicken or fish with roasted vegetables or wholegrain rice or couscous for dinner.I have cut out all rubbish foods and limited my meat & dairy intake. I have lost two stone in weight and I am on track to shed another stone, hopefully before I hit 42. I don’t look on this as a diet, I look on it as being a healthy lifestyle. I find myself bursting with energy, being able to enjoy quality time with my family and we partake in plenty of outdoor activities. This time last year I was a walking heart attack and I can only look forward now to a healthy future thanks to Greenvalu.

See for more info on the GreenValu masticating juicer Ken uses everyday!