Sprouting in your own home is a real talking point at the moment!
Healthy living remains the buzz topic around Ireland right now, and sprouting your very own seeds on your kitchen counter top is another exciting way to join in. Your house guests will be fascinated to see your sprouts bursting with energy and nutrition, and growing as you speak.
The reasons and advantages are endless.
1. Get maximum nutrition with every meal or snack
2. Living foods right at your fingertips for breakfast, lunch and dinner
3. Save tens of euro per week
4. Add an attractive piece of kitchen furniture to your countertop
5. It’s so easy – just rinse each jar under the tap twice a day, at breakfast and dinner time
Did you know that Alfalfa is the only plant to contain the full range of vitamins A, B, B12, C, E, K. You can add these delicious sprouts to complete a tasty salad or pitta for lunch, or try mixing them with some vegetarian cous cous for a hearty warm dinner. Just like picking fresh veggies from your back garden, these sprouts are even more nutritious as they are still living and packed with energy.
Mung beans are a super vegetarian source of protein. Sprinkle a handful over your soup or salad or mix them through mashed potato. You won’t believe how full and satisfied you will feel after eating them. They are a popular choice for people who are trying to lower cholesterol or limit their dietary intake of meat.
Drop into us at Greenvalu or give us a call to find out more on how to get set up for growing your own sprouts. We have everything you need in stock now!