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Eschenfelder Glass Jar Sprouting System


Eschenfelder Glass Jar Sprouting System 3, 3×750 ml glass sprouting jars with stainless steel rack and high quality brown ceramic drip tray



Part no. 1415 Our Eschenfelder Glass Jar Sprouting system includes a Stainless Steel Rack with 2 Glass Jars and a ceramic drip tray or a three glass jar system with ceramic drip tray which is very user friendly. The system includes two ¾ litre jars with stainless steel lids. This is the perfect set to start sprouting seeds with. The system is easy to use and fits into any kitchen environment. It is attractive in colour with a ceramic brown base tray. Please see our section on organic seeds and beans to compliment our Sprouting Jars Product Features Sprouting only takes 3 to 4 days from seed to sprout. Provides Fresh and crunchy sprouts every time Optimum Light and air circulation Easy to use and easy to clean Dishwasher safe Drip tray is an excellent way to catch excess water Helps provide optimal source of nutrition, amino – acids and minerals Ecological, economic, practical and sensible


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